Monday 6 May 2019


What Is Email Marketing:- Email Marketing Is A Marketing Tool That Allows Any Company Or Any Person To Promote Their Service Or Product By Sending Email To Their Customers And This Is Called Email Marketing. It Is Exactly The Same As If You Were Promoting Your Product Or Service In A Different Place Like A Newspaper. Earlier People Also Used To Use Newspaper, But Now Everyone Has A Smartphone. The Use Of Email Marketing Has Started To Increase.

What Is Email Marketing

To Understand This I Give You A Simple Example. This Would Be An Example That You Could Find Your Smartphone Every Day.

When You Visit A Website, You Must Have Seen Something Like 'Subscribe To Our Blog' On The Website, Where You Have To Give Your E-mail Address And When You Subscribe By Subscribing Your Email Address Then Your Email Address Goes To The Person.

And As Soon As Your Email Address Goes To Them, People Send You Email About Your Service Or Product Every Week And This Whole Process Is Called Email Marketing.

Friends, So Now We All Know What Is Email Marketing, Even With An Example We Understand What Is Email Marketing? Now Let's Go Ahead And Also Know How Is Email Marketing Done?

How Is Email Marketing Done? 

It Is A Question That You Are Thinking That E-mail Marketing Can Be Done By Sending An Email To People But This Is Done On A Large Scale Like Sending 10,000 E-mails And More Than This One.

Now To Send E-mail To Many People, The Application, Named "G-mail", Is Used In Our Smartphone, It Is Not Used For That, Separate Email Marketing Software Is Used. In Addition To These, Email Marketing Also Requires Active Users' Email Address List.

In Addition To Email Marketing Software And Email List, There Is Another Important Thing That Is Theme, What Will Be The Look And Design Of The Email You Send To Your Customers? The Email Design Depends On What Type Of Service Or Product You Offer Your Customers.

Email List: This Is A List Of Email Addresses Of Many Active Users. This List Is Used To Send Email To People On Their Email Address.

Email Marketing Software: It Is A Is Software That Mdt Once I Can Send Email To Thousands Of People. MailChimp Is An Email Marketing Software That Is Used By Many Companies.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

Low Cost:- Being Low Cost Is So Easy That You Need Your Laptop Or Computer To Do This, You Do Not Even Need To Go Out Of The House For This.

I Can Recognize Your Audience, It Means That You Can Email Marketing To Know What Your Audience Is Like

Recognize Your Audience:- Whenever You Email Marketing, You Can Know How Many People Have Visited Your Website By Clicking On Your Email? What Many People Have Bought From Your Store, And Much More Can Be Easily Understood.

Little Money:- It Can Be Done In Very Little Money Compared To Traditional Marketing, And This Is A Lot Of Money From Traditional Marketing.

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