Sunday 27 October 2019

50+ New Words Full Forms 2019 | Full Forms Of Words 2019 | Full Forms List | Important Full Form List |

Full Forms:- Talking About The Full Forms There Are Lots Of Words Those Full Forms We Don't Know Aboutand We Are Very Curious About It So If You Are Also Searching For Full Forms Then We Are Going To Provide You Some Unknown Words And Their Full Forms As Well So Try To Read The Full Article Because If You Read The Full Article Then You Will Get The All The Benefits Of This Article And You Will Also Get To Know About Some Of The Unknown Words Full Form(Grammarly Premium Free) From The Article That I Am Going To Provide You, There Are Lots Of Unknown Words And Their Full Form Is Also Unknown So If You You Curious About Those Words Then Don't You Worry Because You Will Get All The Words And Their Full Forms From This Article For Absolutely Free Without Facing Any Kinds Of Ads As Well, Dear Visitors In This Article You Will Able To Get Full Forms Of Computer Important Full Forms Of Gk Funny Full Forms Important Full Forms Full Forms List And There Are Lots Of Other People Who Are Requesting Me To Provide Full Forms Of Names Full Forms Of Words Generate Full Forms List Computer Full Forms And Funny Full Forms Related To Computer And Full Forms That Is Related To Computer Or Mobiles, Facts About SmartPhones

We Have Collected All Types Of Full Forms List Like Full Forms In Computer Funny Full Forms Of Names Computer Related Full Forms Important Full Forms For Banking Full Forms Government Jobs Related Questions All Full Forms Of Short Forms Full Forms In Computer Subject Electrical Abbreviations And Full Forms Pdf Full Forms Of Teacher, 11 Useful Android Apps 2019

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Computer Related Full Forms

  1. Uniform Resource Locator - URL 
  2. Universal Serial Bus - USB
  3. Vital Information Resource Under Seized- VIRUS
  4. HyperText Transfer Protocol- HTTP
  5. Internet Protocol- IP
  6. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure- HTTPS
  7. 3rd Generation- 3G
  8. Global System for Mobile Communication- GSM
  9. Code Division Multiple Access-CDMA
Job-Related Full Forms

  1. Human Resources - HR
  2. Curriculum Vitae - CV
  3. Provident Fund - PF
  4. Portable Document Format - PDF
  5. Chief Executive Officer - CEO
  6. Managing Director - MD
Social/Chatting Full Forms 2019

  1. As Possible Asap - ASAP
  2. As Soon As I Can - ASAIC
  3. Laugh Out Loud - LOL
  4. Thank You - TY
  5. Good Morning - GM
  6. Good Evening - GE
  7. Goodnight - GN
  8. Just For You - JFY
  9. Actually - ACT
  10. Excellent Or Great - EOG
  11. Always Forever And Seriously - AFAS
  12. Application - APP
  13. I Don’t Know - IDK
Important Full Forms Of GK
  1. Central Reserve Police Force - CRPF
  2. Central Bureau of Investigation - CBI
  3. Reserve Police Force - RPF
  4. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation- LASER
  5. Cyan Magenta Yellow Kinda - CMYK
  6. Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt - AUDI
  7. Bavarian Motor Works - BMW
  8. Asian Motor Works - AMW
  9. Cable News Network-Indian Broadcasting Network - CNN, IBN
  10. Joint Photography Expert Group - JPEG
  11. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam - APJ ABDUL KALAM
  12. Mahashian Di Hatti - MDH
  13. Vengipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman - VVS LAXMAN
  14. Integrated Electronics - INTEL
  15. International Society for Krishna Consciousness - ISKON
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Final Words For Full Forms

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