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Success Story Of Youngest IAS Of India Ansar Shaikh | Story Of Ansar Shaikh UPSC |

Success Story Of Ansar Shaikh:- The UPSC Civil Services Exam Is Considered As One Of The Difficult Exams In The Country. Millions Of People Write The Test And Eventually Cut To Only A Few Hundred. Only Proper Effort, Guidance, And Good Memory Can Help Upsc Candidates To Crack The IAS Exam.

Most Candidates, Despite All The Facilities And Coaching, Are Able To Afford The Money And Are Unable To Pass The IAS Exam. But Some Hardworking And Enthusiastic Hardworking Candidates Succeed Despite The Odds Against Them.

Success Story Of Youngest IAS Of India Ansar Shaikh

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One Such Inspiration Is IAS Topper Ansar Ahmed Shaikh, Who Passed Away At Upsc 2015 On His First Attempt.

He Achieved Air 361 And Was Only 21 Years Old; He Defeated Roman Saini Who Was 22 When He Was An IAS Officer.

Youngest IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh

Ansar Shaikh Is The Son Of Yonus Shaikh Ahmed, An Autorickshaw Driver From Shedgaon Village In Jalna, In The Marathwada Region Of Maharashtra.
His Mother Worked On The Farms.
His Younger Brother, Anees, Leaved School In Standard Vii. Anees Worked In The Garage To Feed The Family And Prepare For Her Brother's IAS Exam.
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How Ansar Shaikh Prepared For UPSC?

  1. Ansar Worked For 12 Hours For Three Years To Fulfill His Dream Of IAS.
  2. His Success Was Particularly Admirable As Education Was Not A Priority In His Family.
  3. In His Own Words, Ansar Described His Domestic Situation, "Education Was Never Seen In My Family." My Father, Yonus Shaikh Ahmad, A Rickshaw Driver, Has Three Wives. My Mother's Second Wife. My Younger Brother Dropped Out Of School And My Two Sisters Got Married At An Early Age. When I Told Him That I Had Cleared The Upsc And Was An IAS Officer Of All Chances, He Was Shocked. "
  4. Although Ansar's Large Family Struggles To Make Ends Meet, He Remains A Bright Student Throughout.
  5. He Achieved 91% In His X Board Examination (SSC Board).
  6. Degree In Political Science From Ferguson College, Pune.
  7. Ansar Attended A Private IAS Coaching Class To Prepare For His Upsc Civil Service.
  8. His Family Had To Spend A Lot On This, But As They Waited All Week, They Were More Than Happy To Get Results.
  9. He Thanked His 30-year-old Mentor, Rahul Pandey, For His Guidance And Cooperation. (Pandey Also Passed The UPSC Civil Services Examination With Airc That Year).
UPSC Topper Ansar Said, “I Am At The Bottom Of Three Different Categories. I Come From A Backward Undeveloped Area, I Come From A Poor Economic Background And I Belong To A Minority Group. As An Administrator I Will Address All Of These Issues Because I Have Seen These Issues Closely. "

Ansar Ahmed Shaikh On His Success At IAS Said, “There Is No Substitute For Hard Work. In My Struggle, My Friends Have Helped Me Both Mentally And Financially And My Coaching Academy Has Also Waived Some Of The Fees Due To My Financial Situation ”.

Ansar Led His Dream Job - With Hard Work, Family And Friends.

Above All, It Is His Attitude That Sets Him Apart From Others - An Attitude That Never Goes Away And That Must Have Persevered In The Pursuit Of His Dream.

Facts About Ansar Shaikh
  1. Rank: 361
  2. CSE: 2015
  3. Age Of Passing Test: 21
  4. Ansar Shaikh IAS Posting: West Bengal Cadre
  5. IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh Date Of Birth: June 1, 1995
  6. Mains Of Mains And Interviews: Marathi
  7. Original Location: Jalna, Maharashtra
  8. Elective Subject: Political Science

Ansar Shaikh Preparation Strategy

  • During The First Six Months Of Preparation, Shaikh Focused On The Making Of His Elective Subject, Political Science. It Also Helped That It Was His Undergraduate Subject. For More Information On Alternative Political Science, Click On The Linked Article.
  • In The Second Six Months, He Focused On General Studies Papers. Stay Up To Date With Current Affairs With Our Daily Current Affairs Department.
  • Over The Next Three Months, He Completed His Revision And The Rest Of The IAS Mainstream Papers.
  • Over The Next 9 Months, Shaikh Prepared For His Preliminary Examination. After The Prelims Test, He Spent The Next 100 Days Studying For His Mains. Finally, He Spent The Last 40 Days Looking For His Upsc Personality Test.
  • The Shaikh Usually Studied For 10 - 12 Hours A Day. For The Main Exam, Shaikh, A Hard Worker, Kept For 14 - 15 Hours Daily.
Most Asked Questions About Ansar Shaikh On Google
  1. Ansar Shaikh Father:- Yonus Shaikh Ahmad
  2. Ansar Shaikh Mother:- Not Known
  3. Ansar Shaikh Wife:- Waiza Ansari(Not Married)
  4. Ansar Shaikh Brother:- Anees Shaikh
  5. Ansar Shaikh Age:- 24 Years (1 June 1995)
  6. Ansar Shaikh Officer Posting
Ansar Shaikh Social Media Handels
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  3. Ansar Shaikh Twitter:- Click Here (Not Verified)
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