Tuesday 25 February 2020

Cool But Fail Smartphones Concepts That You May Don’t Know | Smartphone Concepts That Failed |

Cool But Fail Smartphones Concepts That You May Don’t Know:- The World Of Gadgets Technology Changed When Steve Jobs Took Out The Phone From His Pocket In 2008. And Seeing This Technology, People Had Flown. The Real Revolution Of The Smartphone Was Started From That Time. After That, Very Cool Features And Products Were Found In Gadget  Market. But Today We Are Going To Talk About Some Of The Smartphone Features Here Which Were Really Cool But Completely Failed. So let's Talk About Some Gadgets Techniques That Have Truly Spread Despite Being Amazing, Powerful SEO Tips To Grow Small Business

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3D Display

After Watching Avatar Movie In 2009, 3d Concept Was Very Popular In The World. And Seeing This Popularity, Some Smartphones Brands Had
Come Out With The Features Of The 3d Display On Their Smartphones. After Watching A Successful 3d Movie Like Avatar, The 3d Concept Also Started Coming On Smartphones. That's Why LG, Htc, As The Company Launched Its 3d Phones. But The Real Thing Is That As Much As The 3d Avatar Movie Was Successful, Till Date The 3d Phones Have Not Done It.

The Technology That Avatar Movie Used To Use 3d Technology Was Really Cool And Successful, But When The Same Technology Was Done In The
Display Of Mobile Phones, Then This Technology Completely Spread. In Truth, The 3d Concept Was Cool In The Smartphone Display But In
Today's Time, It Has Been Captured Out Of Date.

Zoom Lens

At One Time, Looking At The Optical Lens Coming Out Of The Digital And DSLR Camera, The Concept Was Very Telling, That Too In The Camera Of Smartphones. A Few Years Ago, Such Camera Features Were Found In Smartphones Where The Cameras Very Long Optical Lens Used To Come Out. And This Optical Lens Was Made By Looking At The Capture Dslr And Any Photo-taking Camera.

When The Optical Zoom Camera Started Coming In, It Was Very Amazing And Cool Features, But In Todays Time, This Concept Has Completely Died.
But It Is Not That In Today s Time, Such Smartphones Will Not Be Seen, But There Is Very Little Chance. But In Todays Time, Ai Is Seen In Its Place So That The Quality Of Your Smartphones Camera Improves To A Great Extent. Visit Whatidea1 Website For More Fun And Entertainment

Projector Phone

At One Time, Features Of Inbuilt Projectors Were Seen On Smartphones. Watching Videos On Any Screen From Your Mobile Without Having To Do
Any Other Device At One Time Was A Very Good Feature. Projector Concept Was Very Good For Watching Videos Of His Choice After Going To Any Way, But Due To This Concept Being Good, Even Today Has Not Been Successful.

The Biggest Reason To Fail Was That The Phone Used To See The Projector Feature Was Very Bulky, So It Was Not As Slim As Todays Smartphones.
That Is Why As Compared To Today's Phone They Were Not As Easy To Handle. The Other Big Reason Was That When You Turn On The Projector Mode For A Long Time, It Used To Hit A Lot, That's Why The Phone Was Very Angry. That Is Why The Phone Battery Was Much Faster And Had To Be Charged Again And Again. LG Expo And Galaxy Beam Are The Good Examples Of Projector Phone Which Was Launched For First Time To Provide Projector Service InSmartphones.

Air Gesture

There Were Also Some Smartphones In The World In Which You Used To See The Features Of These Air Gestures. With The Help Of Air Guests, You
Do Not Even Need To Touch The Smartphone Screen. You Can Do All The Work Easily Without Touching The Screen. Speaking Of Air Gestures In

Easy Language, It Is A Touchless Control Features In Which You Will Not Need To Touch The Screen Of The Smartphone. Air Gestures Allow You To Interact With The Device Without Touching The Screen. Using Air Gestures, You Can Answer Phone Calls, Navigate Web Pages, Control The Video Playback, Scroll Through Images All With Quick, Simple Gestures.

The Biggest Example Of Air Gesture Smartphones Is Samsung Smartphones. These Features Will Be Seen In The Series Of Galaxy S And Some Series, In Which You Can Easily Use These Features. So, These Were Some Cool But Failed Concepts Of Smartphones Which You May Like.

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