Thursday 5 March 2020

Advantages Of Blogging For Your Business In 2020 | Impact Of Blogging On Business |

Advantages Of Blogging For Your Business:- The Most Significant Advantage Of A Business Blog Is To Drive More Traffic Toward Your Business. And Also On Your Blog. If Your Content Is Genuine, Then It Will Automatically Rank On The 1st Page Of Google. And Indirectly It Will Boost Up Our Business. Keep Your Blog Up To Date According To Your Business. The More You Talk About Your Business, The More Your Business Grows. Share Your Blog On Social Media, Link Your Business To Your Blog For Service Convenience. Also, Link The Product As Per Your Requirement And Offer Some Exciting Deals On Purchasing Through Your Blog, It Will Help You To Sell Extra Service, Which Can Further Boost Up Your Business Revenue. Story Of Youngest IAS Officer

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If You Are A Non-technical, And If You Don't Know SEO, You Can Follow Up Here And Learn Seo. It Helps You To Drive More Traffic To Your Business Blog, And Through This Seo Technique, You Can Target The Specific Area, Which Helps Your Business Grow Faster.  If You Can Able To Invest Some Money On SEO, You Can Hire Expert's On Online Sites Like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Etc. Also, Visit Technotanveer Website

Where To Start? Let's Talk

Now, Let's Talk About Where We Can Create Our Business Blog. There Are Two Apparent Platforms That You Can Choose For Your Business Blog, The Blogger, Which Is A Google Product, And The Second One Is Wordpress. They Both Are One Of The Leading Platforms And Loved By Everyone.

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These Two Platform Helps You To Create Your First Business Blog. The Blogger Is Free; It Provides You A Free Domain With Subdomain I Recommend To Avoid Subdomain), And Here You Don't Have To Pay Any Penny For Hosting. 

Blogger Has Some Drawbacks As Compared To Wordpress. In Blogger, You Don't Have The Freedom To Do Anything Easily; You Need Some Coding Knowledge. 

In Wordpress, You Have The Option To Install The Plugins, Which Boost Up Your Productivity. And You Don't Need To Manually. You Can Also Use A Plugin For Seo Like Yoast Seo Or Rank Maths; It Will Help You To Write An Seo Friendly Blog Related To Your Business.

In Blogger, You Have To Check All Your Posts Manually, That The Post Is Seo Friendly Or Not. It Is Easy To Rank Blogger Posts, But When It Comes To Wordpress, It Makes It Easier To Rank Your Post On The First Page On Google.

If You Choose Wordpress For Your Business Blog, You Will Surely Use The Seo Plugins, Which Is Going To Helps You To Make A Catchy And Attractive Title Tag, Which Results From Driving The Attention Of The People And Making More Visits To Your Business Blog.

The Metatags

While Writing The Post, You Should Keep The Meta Description Short About 150 Words For A Better Seo Ranking. 

List Your Products

Make Sure You Use A Category According To Your Products And Service Which Maintains Your Blog And Keep It User-friendly. So, If Any Visitor Comes To Your Blog And He/she Want The Product Or Service Can Go Directly To The Category Section And Explore The Category According To The Need, Or Else He/she Can Search For A Particular Product Or Service.

Offer's Attract More Visitors

You Can Offer Some Weekly Offer Or Monthly Offer On Your Products Or Services Which Keep The Visitor Visit Again To Your Business Blog. This Strategy Can Improve Your Site Ranking As Well As Increase Your Business Income Passively.

Create FAQ Page

The Best Business Blog Creates A Page For Faq Where They Answer The Question Asked By Their Visitor, Which Helps Them To Get Engage And Provide Better And Reliable Products And Services. This Faq Page Will Help You Out To Make The Authority Of Your Business As Well As Your Business Blog.

Blogging Also Helps You To Get More Traffic Via Social Media. Whenever You Create A Blog Post, Once It Gets Ranked, The People Will Share Your Blog Post On Social Media, Which Helps Expose Your Business To A New Reader That May Not Know You Yet. The Social Media Sharing Helps You To Get Traffic To Your Blog And Get The Customer For Your Business.

Final Words

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