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How Did Jack MA Became So Successful | Biography Of Jack MA | Most Inspirational Story Of Jack MA |

Most Inspirational Story Of Jack MA:- Opulent, Renowned, And Influential. I Doubt Whether Even These Adjectives Would Do Justice To The Sheer Power That Both Jack Ma’s Business Ventures And Public Figure Retain On The World Stage. Although He Is The Richest Man In China, Ranked 20th By Bloomberg Billionaires Index And Forbes, And Has Ventures Ranging From Retail To Movie Production, It Is Nothing Less Than Jaw-dropping To Know The Sheer Fiasco This Multi-billionaire Business Tycoon Has Experienced Within A Mere 55 Years Of Age; An Eternal Series Of Nothing But Failures, Rukmini Sahay Biography 

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Initial Series Of Failures 

From The Very Beginning, Ma Had Experienced A Fair Taste Of Failure And Setbacks. Much Lik The Former Half Of His Life He Encountered A Rocky Path During His Schooling Years. He Failed An Undisclosed Number Of Primary And Middle School Tests, And Subsequently In 1980, Even Failed The Chinese National University Entrance Exam Twice. Later On In His Late Years Of Being Teenager, He Failed To Get Into Any University For 3 Years, Compelling Him To Study At The Local Teacher’s College. 

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Ironically, For A Dull Student Like Ma In His Schooling Days, It Is Ridiculous To Know That He Applied To A World-famous Ivy league Institution Like  Harvard University. Regardless Of His Numerous Attempts (Applied 10 Times To Harvard), He Failed To Receive An Acceptance. In Spite Of This Eternal Series Of Failures, What This showcase Is Ma’s Clear Dream And Vision. He Didn’t Want To Attend A Mediocre University And End Up Being An Ordinary Figure In The Billions Living On This Planet. He Wanted To Stand Out. Take Risks. Look At The Positives And Always Have An Optimistic Outlook Of The Future. 

How Did Jack MA Became So Successful | Biography Of Jack MA | Most Inspirational Story Of Jack MA |

In The Coming Years, MA Applied For 30 Jobs In An Array Of Fields, Lamentably, Not Finding Much Success In Either: Police Force, Kfc, And Whatnot. Out Of The 5 Candidates That Applied To Join The Police Force, He Was The Only On Rejected. Similarly, In Case Of The Fast-food Giant (Kfc), He Was The Only One Rejected Out Of The 24 Candidates That Applied For The Job. Whatever Work Horizon He Tried, He Was Rejection-bound. However, What Makes Jack Ma ‘the Jack Ma That We Recognize Today Is His Unbelievable Resilience And Mental Strength To Not Throw In The  Towel  Regardless Of Whatever Happens. Eventually, Ma Had To Settle For A Moderate Job As A University Professor Working For A Paltry Salary Of $10 A Month. 

Jack MA Inspiring Quotes 2020

Jack MA is a Living Legend And His Thoughts Or Quotes Are Even Greater Than Him, Many People Who Have Not Tasted The Success Yet Should Carry These Thoughts in Their Life. So Guys We are Going To Give You Some Inspiring Quotes That Will Inspire You Definitely
  1. I don't Care About Revenues
  2. I don’t want to be liked. I want to be respected. 
  3. If you don’t give up, you still have a chance.
  4. If you don’t do it, nothing’s possible.
  5. Adopt and change before any major trends or changes
  6. Try to find the right people, not the best people. If you view everyone as your enemies then everyone around you will be enemies.
All Information About Jack MA

  1. Full Name:- Ma Yun
  2. Date Of Birth:- 10 September 1964
  3. Father:- Ma Laifa
  4. Mother:- Cui Wencai
  5. Wife:- Cathy Zhang
  6. Height:- 1.61m
  7. Daughter:- Ma Yuanbao
  8. Age:- 55 Years
  9. Net Worth:- 38 Million
  10. Jack MA Twitter:- Official Jack MA Twitter
  11. Jack MA Instagram

The Idea That Changed Ma’s Life

It Merely Takes That One Instance That Redirects Your Derailed Life. That One Idea. That One Observation. That One Correct Choice. Meeting That One Person. Being At That One Place. Any Of These Can Be The Turning Points In Your Life. For Jack Ma, It Was That One Observation. What Observation? Let's Find Out! To Begin With, Jack Ma Started A Translation Company With Friends. During A Company Trip To The Us In 1995, Ma Was First Exposed To The Internet At A Friends House In Seattle. The First World He Chose To Search Was “beer”, And He Saw Beers From A Number Of Countries Such As Germany, Usa, And Japan But Nothing From China. This Observation, He Wanted To Build Something That Would Put China On The World Map. 
How Did Jack MA Became So Successful | Biography Of Jack MA | Most Inspirational Story Of Jack MA |

Not A Cliched Happy Ending Yet Ladies And Gentlemen! It Was Only The Beginning For Ma’s Pursuits. Ma Decided To Launch A Business Venture On The Internet That Would Provide Business To Business (B2b) Services Via A Company He Named Alibaba. Much Like The Preceding Half Of His Life, Hurdles Just Wouldn't Stop Transpiring In His Path. For 3 Months, Ma Persistently Tried To Get A Bank Loan Of $3000, However, The Bank Was Skeptical To Lend Funds To A Business Model Never Implemented Before In China. 

Similarly, He Faced Nothing But Rejection And Hate From Over 30-40 Venture Capitalists Who Deemed His Business Model To Be Extremely Far-fetched And Impractical, As The Internet Wasn’t A Prevalent Medium To Run A Business At That Time In China. For The First 3 Years, His Business Barely Earned $1 In Revenue.

Despite This, According To Ma, Consumers Reciprocated With Positive Feedback Despite The Measly Revenue He Was Earning. This Spurred His Confidence And Persistence With The Alibaba Model And Gave Him The Required Motivation To Work Relentlessly. Finally, In 1999, Ma Successfully Gathered $80,000 From 18 Founders To Add Fuel To His Business. His Hard Work And Devotion Had Gradually Begun To Translate Into Numbers, As By 2000, Alibaba Raised $25 Million From Investors Such As Goldman Sachs And Soft Bank. And What Followed, Was A Scintillating Display Of What Persistence, Belief, And Hard Can Achieve In Conjunction. To All The People Reading This, Don’t Feel That Just Because You Have Ideas Wildly Different To Your Peers Makes Them ‘impractical’ Or Impossible To Materialize, It Takes Immense Self-belief, Relentless Hard Work, And Resilience To Stand Back Up Regardless Of How Many People Reject You.

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