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What is Blogging and How to Start Blogging in 2023 | How to Earn Money From Blogging In 2023 |

What Is Blogging And Why You Should Start Blogging:- In The Beginning, Blogging Was Started As An Online Journal Where People Can Document Their Own Life. In Short, Blogging Was An Online Personal Diary. But, After People Started Sharing Their Life Journeys And Then People Find An Opportunity To Share Valuable Information On The Web And Build Their Audience, Create 430+ Blog Commenting Backlinks 

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 As Blogging Started Evolving People Get To Know About Its Importance And Started Making Money Out Of It. Now In 2020 Blogging Has Become A Content-Sharing Platform Where Anyone Can Share Any Type Of Content And Can Make Money Out Of It. Blogging Is A Means Of Communication Where You Can Communicate With Anyone Through Your Blog Post And Can Spread Knowledge And Awareness Related To Any Topic.

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There Are 600 Million Blog Posts Available On The Web. Blogging Is Growing Very Faster For The Past 2 Years Because Of A Lot Of Free Courses Available On Youtube And Another Website. I Don’t Want You To Miss That Opportunity, So Start A Blog As Soon As Possible, Best Blogger Template 2021

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But Why You Should Start A Blog?

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There Are Tons Of Reasons To Start A Blog But The Main Reason Is Mentioned Below.

  1. Make Money Online
  2. Work From Home
  3. Flexible Working Time
  4. Be Your Boss

And It Will Go On And On.

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What is The Future Of Blogging?

Before Start Blogging, You Will Have A Question In Your Mind, Will Does Blogging End?

Yes And No.

Traditional Blogging Has Already Ended, Now Its Time To Start Your Blog In A Modern Version. The Future Of Blogging Is Very Bright, Blogging Will Never Come To End Because Blogging Is Not A Physical Business That Requires A Lot Of Capital To Start. Blogging Is A Content Sharing Platform Where People Share Content And Making Money Out Of It

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Content Is Endless Thus The Blogging Is Also Endless, Although Blogging Will Definitely Change According To The Upcoming Generation And Upcoming Trends. Back In Those Days Blogging Use To Be Just A Content Share The Platform Which Is Based On Text But Now Blogging It Is Upgraded To Images, Videos, Gifs, Infographics, Etc.

Blogging Trends And People Needs Are Constantly Changing, So You Have Stuck With The Trends To Highlight Your Blog Amongst Another Blogger, You Have Started Your Blog In This New Way Of Blogging

How To Start A Blog In 2020?

Stay Till The End Of This Blog To Learn More About How To Start A Blog In 2020 ( Advance Blogging Tips ) That Actually Works, How To Start A Blog On Blogger In 2020 ( Advance Blogging ) That Actually Works

You Are Just 7 Steps Behind To Start A Professional-looking Blog Of Your Own

  1. Choose A Niche
  2. Selecting Domain
  3. Choosing The Best Platform
  4. Select Theme Seo Friendly Themes
  5. Start Writing Your Blog Post
  6. Market Your Blog Post
  7. Start Making Money From Your Blog


Choose A Niche


Niche Is A Topic Or Subject In Digital Terms. Niche Doesn’t Have Any Limits You Can Start Your Blog On Any Of The Topics You Want And Can Write About It And Make Money Out Of It.

But, Why You Should Choose Any Niche?

There Are Many Benefits Of Choosing A Niche At The Same Time There Are Many Disadvantages Of Not Choosing A Niche.

Let’s Make It More Clear –

If You Start Any Blog Without Any Niche Then The Chance Of Getting A Real Targeted Audience For Your Blog Will Be Reduced Because You Are Switching Your Content Topic So People Will Not Gonna Consume It

Example – If You're Writing A Blog About Technological Things And After Some Time, You Feel To Write Your Content About Pets Then You Can’t Build Your Loyal Audience

People Consumed Your Content Only Because You Are Writing Content Related To Technicity From The Beginning And If You Change Your Niche Then Your Audience Will Find It Irrelevant For Them.

Because People Subscribed You Because Of Your Technological Blog Posts And Not For Your Pets Blog, Choose A Niche Of Your Interest And Stick To It. If You Stitch To Any Particular Niche You Will Become Specialized In It And You Can Easily Build Your Brand In That Niche  

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions To Make It Clear-

  1. Do You Really Have An Interest In That Topic?
  2. Can You Able To Write A Blog On That Consistently
  3. Is This Your Passion
  4. Monitor Benefits Of That Topic

Selecting Domain

A Domain Is A Web Address Of Your Blog Or Website. A Domain Is The Identity Of Your Blog Or Website. Domain Helps The Internet Users To Find Your Website Or Blog.

Example – Is The Domain Of Google        

If You Are Ready With Your Niche And Want To Buy A Domain For Your Blog

How To Choose A Domain?

Domain Should Be Relevant To Your Niche Which You Have Chosen. For Example – If Your Niche Is Related To Animals Then You Can Go For Or

You Can Choose Any Domain Name But It Should Fully Represent Your Blog And Anyone Can Able To Identify Your Blog On The Basis Of Your Domain Name.

Note: Domain Pricing In Main Varies Between 10 – 14 $

Choosing The Best Platform

There Are Plenty Of Blogging Platforms Out There Like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace, Etc. The Best Blogging Platform In 2020 Is WordPress Because It Covers Over 70% Of The Market In The Blogging Industry. WordPress Is Highly Recommended For You To Start A Blog.

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But, To Host A Website In WordPress You Have To Buy Any Hosting. Currently, Hosting Is Providing A 90% Discount On Their Hosting Along With Free Domain And Free Ssl Certificate. It Up To You That Which Hosting Service You Want To Buy

Benefits Of WordPress 

  1. Full Control On Your Blog
  2. Professional Looking
  3. Easy To Handle
  4. Full Customization
  5. Plugins To Make Your Work Easy
  6. Popular, So You Will Get More Support
  7. Easy To Explain
  8. Wide Scope
  9. Suitable For Every Type Of Blog Or Website
  10. Additional Advanced Features

What If You Don’t Have Money To Spend On Hosting Or You Are Just Doing Blogging, Not As A Profession? Then You Can Go For Blogger Which Free To Use And It Is A Google Product So You Can Easily Trust It.


  1. It's Free To Use.
  2. As It Is A Google Product So It Is Secured And Reliable.
  3. You Can Also Earn From Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Etc.


  1. You Have Limited Features
  2. They Can Suspend Your Account Any Time If You Write About Something That They Don't Agree With.
  3. You Don't Own Your Information Or Your Blog.
  4. Blogger Can Just Simply Shut Down The Whole Service So If One Day They Decide They Don’t Want To Deal With Blogger Anymore Then, Then That's A Real Possibility.

Select Theme SEO Friendly Themes

Themes Are The Interface Of Your Blog Or Website. Website Or Blog Design Makes A Huge Difference When It Comes To Attracting Visitors Or Customers. If You Search In Google About The Best Theme Then You Will Find Many Themes

But, Which Theme You Need To Use?

The Theme Should Be Fully Optimized And Mobile-friendly. The Biggest Mistake Is Found Amongst All The New Blogger Is That They Choose A Theme Based On Desktop And Not The Mobile Basis, Most Of The People Nowadays Searching From Mobile Instead Of Desktop, At The Same Time Your Blog Is Also Seo Friendly And If You Want To Make Money From Adsense Then Adsense Friendly Theme

But Where Will You Find This?

Here Are The Top Theme Website Where You Will Find Many Premium Looking Themes For Free

  1. Wpocean
  2. Colormag
  3. Neve
  4. Shop Isle

The Best Part About This Theme Website Is That They Will Provide You Different Themes According To Your Need. Themes Include Ads-friendly, Seo Friendly, News Websites, The E-commerce Website, Educational Website, Etc

Start Writing Your Blog Post

The Biggest Problem Of Every New Blogger Is To Write Their First. Here Is The Full Actionable Guide – How To Write Your First Blog Post In 2020 ( 100% Practical ) And What To Write In It? Blogging Is All About Content Writing, You Can’t Be A Blogger Unless You Are A Good Content Writer

You Will Only Get Traffic To Your Website If You Are A Good Content Writer That Engage Will Audience, Here Are The Few Tips To Write A Good Quality Content

Keywords Research – Before Writing A Blog Post You Should Perform Keywords Research. The Keyword Helps Your Blog To Get In Search Engines Whenever People Search For It.

Unless You Add Keywords In Your Blog Post, Google Will Not Understand What Is In Your Blog Post And Hence You Will Not Get In The Search Result.

You Can Use These Tools To Do Keywords Research –

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Unbersuggest
  3. Keywordeverwhere(Now Paid)

Note: All These Tools Are Free To Use

Focus On Quality Not Quantity

Do Not Try To Make 1000 Words Content Into 4000 Words. If You Want To Write 4000 Words Content Then Do More Research About That Topic And Gather Information Then Write. Content Stuffing Will Make Your Blog Post Less Relevant And Do Not Make Sense To Readers To Read Your Blog. Try To Add As Much Value You Can From Your Blog Post.

SEO Friendly Content 

Seo Friendly Is Just A Simple Concept. How To Write An Seo- Article To Rank Faster On Google(2020) – Full Guide, SEO Friendly Content Means Proper Optimization Of Your Blog Post That Google Bot Can Easily Identify Your Blog Subject.

Tips To Write SEO Blog Post

Add Keywords  

Adding Keywords And Keyword Stuffing Are Two Different Factors. Keywords Stuffing Means Adding Many More Keywords Then Required, You Can Add Only Up To 2-3 Keywords For Every 100 Words.

Where To Add Keywords 

  1. Title
  2. Permalink
  3. First Paragraph
  4. Last Paragraph

These Are The Part Where You Have To Add Your Keywords

Add Alt Text To Your Images  

Add Your Keywords On Your Alt Text Of Images, Which Helps Your Images To Rank And Ultimately Your Website.

Update Your Content Regularly 

Keep Your Blog Post Up To Date Which Will Boost Your Traffic. And Other Minor Factors That Affect Seo, These Are A Few Things You Should Be Care Full About While Writing An Seo Friendly Article

Market Your Blog Post 

You Have To Promote Your Content Everywhere. At The Beginning Stage, You Will Directly Not Get Traffic From Google So You Have To Push Your Blog To Get Traffic From Other Sources Like Social Media

Best Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Blog Post  

  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora
  5. Medium
  6. Linkedin

These Are The Easy To Share Platforms Where You Can Share Your Content And Can Generate Traffic To Your Blog

Start Making Money From Your Blog

There Are More Than Enough Ways To Make Money From Your Blog But The Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Are Here. Make Money From Your Blog Is Not That Easy At The Same Time It’s Not That Tough Also. You Just Need Hard Work And Patience If You Want To Make Money Online From Your Blog.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Your Products
  4. Sponsorship Blogs
  5. Selling E-books


Making Money From Your Blog Takes Time. It’s Not That Easy As You Are Thinking Like A Beginner, It Took Year And Year To Get Your First Earning In The General Case, The Harsh Truth Is Starting A Blog Is Easy But To Successfully Running Is So Tough Which Part Of This Post Did You Feel Interesting Or New?

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