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18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

18 Proven Tips To Get Free Website Traffic:- Not Getting Traffic To Your Website? Or You Getting Almost Zero Website Traffic Does Not Even Improve Your Blog Or Website. It Happened With Me A Lot At An Initial Level At That Time I Use To Search On Google That “How to Increase Blog Traffic” And Guess What,  I Got So Confused And My Blog Is Still A Zero Website Traffic, Create 430+ Blog Commenting Backlinks 

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After Spending A Lot Of Time On My Blog, I Got A Clear Idea To Get Generate Free Website  Traffic Everyone Has Their Tactics In Generating Traffic To Their Blog. Either It Will A Paid Promotion Or Maybe A Free Promotion.

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In That, You Will Learn How To Generate Free Website Traffic Without Investing Any Money For Promotion. It Is Applicable For Any Type Of Blog Or Website Weather You Start Your Blog On Blogger Or WordPress It Works For Every Website

But Before Let's Discuss

  1. Free Website Traffic 2021
  2. AdSense Ready Blogger Templates 2021
  3. Get Free Organic Website Traffic
  4. Advantages Of Blogging in 2020
  5. Cheap Domain Buy Godaddy 

Can We Make Money From The Website Without Generating Traffic?

The Straight Answer Is No 👎

Traffic Is The Only Source To Generate Revenue From Your Blog Or Website. Every Business Has Its Primary Motive Is To Generate Traffic And Convert That Traffic Into A Potential Customer. Best Blogger Templates in 2021

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  • Always There Will Be 2 Types Of Traffics

  1. Quantity Traffic
  2. Quality Traffic 

Quantity Traffic 

You Can Generate Quantity Traffic To Your Blog Or Website From Anywhere By Just Share The Link Of Your Website Where You Want. You Can Generate Your Website Traffic From It But In A Long Run, It Will Badly Impact Your Website. One Of The Biggest Negative Sides Is Your Bounce Rate Increases. 200+ Profile Creation Sites List

Example - If You Share Your Website Link Where People Don’t Need That Content They Will Click On Your Website And Quickly Bounce From Your Website. Thus Google Or Ant Search Engine Will Not Rank You Because People Are Not Engaging Will Your Content.

16 Proven Ways To Rank 

  • Quality Traffic 

Quality Traffic Is The Traffic Which Is In Search Of Relevant Content And You Provide It At The Right Time And The Right Platform, The Steps Which Are Mentioned Below Are Will Boost Your Traffic Within A Week If You Follow These

That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Follow Every Step At A Time, You Have To Follow It Slowly And Steadily And Most Importantly With Consistency, I Also Refuse To Use These Types Of Tips Which I Learn From Many Other Blogger And Youtuber’s, But Then I Realize That These Are The Most Effective Strategy To Drive Traffic To Your Website After Wasting Too Much Time And Effort.

Comprehensive 20 Steps To Get A Free Blog Traffic

Stage 1 – Driving Traffic

  • Google Traffic

As A Website Owner, Your Primary Aim Is To Drive Traffic From Google Search Engine, Although There Are Other Search Engines Also Google Covers Over 70% Of The Market And Others Search Engines Like Yahoo, Bing, Etc.

But Getting Indexed On Google Is Not That Easy Because Of Its High Competition. You Will Find Tons On The Blog Out There On One Particular Topic, So How Will Your Blog Get Indexed On Google?

Here Are The Easiest Way For Free Website Traffic

You Have To Manually Index Your Blog From Google Search Console. In A Few Minutes Or Even One Day, Your Blog Or Website Will Be Visible In Google, It Doesn’t Mean Your Blog Is Rank, It Means Your Blog Is Ready To Rank Only If You Work On It.

  • Keyword Research
18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

To Make Google Understand Your Website You Have To Add Certain Keywords So That Google Can Understand Your Website Content. This Is How Google Algorithm Works, That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Add Only Keywords On Your Website. Google Calls It A Keyword Stuffing And Will Remove Your Blog From The Search Engine. You Have To Add Only 2-3 Keywords For Every 100 Words.

Free Ways To Do Keyword Research

  1. Google Searches
  2. Google Related Search
  3. Keyword Everywhere
  4. Ubersuggest ( Limited For Free Users )

You Can Use All These To Do Keywords Research. Keyword Research Makes Your Blog Easy To Find

  • Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail Keywords Contain 3 - 4 Words Or Even More. As If You Are A Beginner Then You Should Go For The Long Tail Keyword. Because Long-tail Keywords Have Very Low Competition As Compared To Short-tail Keywords And Yet It Is Very Powerful.

  • For Example – Short-tail Keyword: Keto Diet
  • Long-tail Keyword: Keto Diet For Indian Vegetarians

So When People Search Your Targeted Keyword Then The Chance Of Getting Ranked Is High. If You Targeting Long-tail Keywords Then You Might Get Low Volume But The Conversion Will Be Much Higher As Compared To Short-tail Keywords.

  • On-page SEO –

On-page Seo Is Most Important Because Sometimes Your Website Will Rank The Event If It Has No Backlinks And No Off-page Seo. 

On-page Seo Includes A Lot Of Thing Such As –

18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

Powerful SEO Tips To Grow Your Business

  • Valuable Content 

Your Content Should Be Like Doubt Solving And Knowledgeable Content. Whenever Any Reader Visits You They Should Get Any Value Out Of Your Blog.

Tip – Try To Solve The Most Frequently Asked Question By Peoples.

Answer The Public Is One Of The Tools To Get The Question Asked By Peoples. Add Your Main Targeted Keyword On Title And Meta Description Update Your Blog Regularly, So When People Visit Your Blog They Should Not Find It Old Or Unapplicable

  • Label Your Blog Post 

Labeling Your Blog Post Will Help The Reader To Find Your Blog Post Easily

Seo-friendly Article – Proper Placement Of Keywords Is Very Important But It Should Not Look Like Keywords Stuffing

  • Off-Page SEO 

Off-pages Seo Is All About Link Building And Social Media. It Means Doing An Outside Activity To Improve Inside The Ranking

Building Backlinks Take A Lot Of Hard Works And Take A Lot Of Time But It Impacts Your Website In Long Run.

If You Are A Beginner Then You Should Know About What Is Backlinks And How To Build Backlinks Quickly

  • Pinterest 

Pinterest Is One Of The Best Favorite Platforms To Get Free Traffic To Your Website. In Pinterest, You Have To Create A Pin ( Which Is Like A Poster That Describes Your Website ) And Share It With Your Pinterest Account And Link Your Website To It.

18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

So When People Like Your Pins They Tend To Click On The Link And You Will Get Free Traffic To Your Blog. This Is That Simple As It Sounds That’s Why I Like Pinterest But It Takes At Least A Month To Get A Well Amount Of Traffic To Your Blog.

Pinterest Is Highly Recommending Because Now Its Organic Reach Is Much Higher Than Other Social Media Like Instagram

  • Facebook Groups 

The Facebook Group Will Work Best As Nothing For Driving Traffic To Your Blog. Facebook Is Very Easy To Get Traffic, You Just Have To Create Your Facebook Account And Join As Much Group You Can And Start Promoting Your Blog In It

Make Sure You Don’t Put Any Spammy Or Adult Content Otherwise Facebook Will Ban You Url, It Happens With Me That’s Why I Am Warning You To Avoid That

I Join More Than 100 Groups At The Same Time And Sharing Started Promoting My Blog Post Continuously, I Don’t Know Why Facebook Did That But I Think It Happens Because Of The Bulk Amount Of Thinks I Did At The Same Time, So I Suggest You Have Patience And Do Everything Slowly

  • Social Shares 

Always Be Active On Social Media And Share Where Ever You Can Share The Link Of Your Blog Post But Keep This In My It Should Be Relevant. Don’t Use Any Third Party Illegal Websites To Drive Traffic. Keep Organic And Legal Ways As Much You Can

18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

Social Media Is The Only Thing Was People Likely To Spend Their Time, I Don’t Think So You Should Miss That Opportunity As You Get Traffic From Social Media You Will Ultimately Be Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Stage 2 – Hold Traffic

  • Unique Article 

To Rank On Google, You Should Have 70 – 80 Percent Off A Unique Article. If You Write It Yourself And In Your Way Of Writing Then It Will Going To Be A Unique Article. Apart From That, You Need To Know Some Of The Basic Pro Tips To Write The Best Article

Having A Unique Way Of Writing And Your Writing Style In Which People May Not Like A Beginning But In Long Run, It Will Becomes Your Identity. So If You A Blogger Or Want To Become A Blogger Then You Should Look Out For The Future.

  • Internal Linking

An Internal Link Is A Process Of Linking One Site To Another Under The Same Url. That Means You Should Link Your Blog Post In Another Relevant Blog Post. Internal Linking Will Hold Your Reader In Your Blogs So That It Also Improves The Time Session Of The Reader And Driving Traffic From One Page To Another. Internal Linking Not Only Increases Page Views But Also Improve Page Ranking

  • Push Notification 

Push Notification Is Very Popular Amongst Every Blogger Because It Improves The Chance Of Getting A Loyal Audience And Help To Build A Reader Community Which Will Drive Traffic Without Doing Anything

18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

Push Notification Is A Kind Of Bell Notification And Whenever Any Reader Allows That. They Will Get Notified Each Time You Publish Any Blog Post

  • Social Share Button 

Adding A Share Button On Your Blog Will Encourage Readers To Share Your Blog Post Or Any Image Or Videos On Your Blog Post. No, Any Reader Will Take many efforts To Share Any Content If They See The Share Button On Your Site They Can Share Your Content Easily, And Thus Your Reach Is Increasing Ultimately.

There Are Plenty Of Tools You Can Use To Add A Social Share Button On Your Website But What I Use And What I Highly Recommend To You Is That This Is Very Easy To Use And You Can Also Track How Many Shares You Got On Your Post

  • Import Youtube Videos 

As Videos Are Most Consumed By Most Of The People Because You Understand More Using Videos. Even I Consume More Videos As Compared To Articles.

So Try To Add Videos To Your Blog.

You Do Not Necessarily Have To Use Your Videos You Can Also Use Any Youtube Videos Which Is Freely Available To You

  • Use Shareable Images 

Always Use Images For Your Blog Because Good Images Can Say 1000 Words More Than Your Blog Post.

So Try To Use Infographics Or Any Summary Images Which Compress Your Topic Into Images.

That Makes The Reader Understand That Concept Much Easier Than Only Text

  • Follow Us Link

Make Sure You Also Have A Follow Us Button On Your Screen So That When People Want To Interact With You They Can Do Easily. Maybe You Find Any Backlinks Or Any Other Partnership Opportunity Through That Social Links

Tip – Open A Separate An Account Of Every Social Media Platform On Your Same Brand Name, It Makes The User Find You Easily

  • Engage On Comments 

Reply To Each And Comment You Get But How Do Get More Number Of Comments

Always End Your Blog With Any Sort Of Question-Related To Your Topic So The Reader Will Answer Your Question Or Appreciate Your Content And Your Effort To Create That. The Question Means ‘do You Like My Content Or What Do You Think‘ It Should Encourage Question Like Which Part Of The Post Do You And Why? By Asking This Reader Will Give A Big Explanation And Hence You Will A Get A Chance To Connect With Your Readers

Stage 3 – Expand

  •  Interact With Other Bloggers Through Social Media

Interact With Other Bloggers Or Website Owners Of The Same Niche And Try To Build A Community. This Will Help You To Get More Backlinks And Share Each Other’s Content If It Is Relevant. Thus Your Blog Traffic Also Increase And You Can Also

  • Track Your Website 

18 Proven Tips to Get Free Website Traffic in 2020 | Proven Ways To Increase Blog/Website Traffic |

You Can Use Google Analytics Tools To Analyze Your Blog. By Tracking Your Traffic You Will Get Know Which Blog Post Doing Well And What Tactics Works And What Not

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Do Not Solely Depend On Just Organic Search From Google. Instead, Focus More On Social Media And Other Tactics So That It Will Automatically Improve Your Google Ranking  

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