Tuesday 16 March 2021

Most Effective and Trusted Ways to Get Free Organic Traffic to Your Website in 2021

Most Effective Ways to Get Organic Traffic: Are You Searching For The Best Ways To Get Organic Traffic To Your Website Then You Landed Up On The Correct Page? In This, Your All Queries Related To Organic Traffic And The Best Techniques You Need To Know, To Get Free Organic Traffic Will Be Solved.

There Is No Official Ways Or Technique Of SEO Because Google Algorithm Keeps On Changing So I Will Share The Best Working Ways To Get Organic Traffic For Me And You Also Apply the Same To Get Results, One More Thing I Want To Clear Up Is That, If You Are Looking For The Quickest Way Or An Instant Way To Boost Your Organic Traffic Then I Don't Think You Are On The Correct Path Of Blogging

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As A Beginner Getting Traffic From Google Seems Very Tough Because Of A Lack Of Technique And Hard Work In A Proper Direction, Once If You Get An Exact Direction To Get Traffic Organically Then You Won't Feel That Tough To Get Organic Traffic Consistently, But Before You Need To Understand What Is Organic Traffic And How It Will Benefit Your Website 

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What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic Is The Traffic That You Get Directly From A Search Engine Like Google For Which You Don't Have To Be Active Frequently. Do You Know Why People Always Prefer Organic Traffic? Because If You Use Paid Promotions Via Google Adwords Or Any Social Media Ads Then You Might Get An Intent Spike In Your Website Traffic But After You Stop Running Ads Then Do You Think Your Website’s Existence Will Be Visible? 

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That's Where Organic Traffic Plays Its Role 

You Just Have To Perform Your SEO Techniques ( Which I Comprehensively Covered In This Article) And Have To Do Hard Work For One Time And You Can Enjoy The Fruit Of It For A Week, For Months,  for A Year Or May Very Long, It Depends 

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But You Will Definitely Get Benefited From It, In Order To Get Organic Traffic, You Have To Do Hard Work As Well As Smart Work At The Same Time. Hard Work Includes Your Effort You Are Putting Into Your Site Like Creating Regular Content, Promotion On Social Media, Etc The Smart Work Part Will Cover In This Blog Post Which Definitely Needs To Know To Get Organic Free Traffic 

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If You Are Not Posting Your Piece Of Content Regularly That Means You Didn't Yet Realize The Power Of Consistency. As A Search Engine, Google Always Prefers The Best Content Piece For Their Users. You Have To Prove To Google That Your Content Is Really Useful To Others And You Can Do This By Just Staying Consistently, If You Post Consistently Then Google Will Realize That You Are Pretty Serious About Your Content Creation And Ultimate After Some Time You Actually Able To Get The Attention Of Search Engine And Thus Your Blog Post Will Rank 

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Let Me Share One Of My Personal Experience Regarding Consistency. When I Started Blogging, I Use To Post Regularly Like Twice Or Thrice A Week And After Repeating This For A Couple Of Months, My Blog Post Started Ranking On Google ( Not In The Top 10 But In The Top 100 ). 

So I Was Really Happy And I Took The Search Engine For Granted, Due To Some Reason I Wasn’t Able To Post For A Long Period Of Time And I Wonder That My Ranking Blog Post Are Not In The Top 100 And My Ranking Keywords Was Also Reduced, At That Point Of Time, I Realized The Power Of Consistently Which I Want You To Be

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Focus On Quality 

More Content Means More Traffic, This Is The Biggest Misconception Of Everyone. As Google Becomes Enough Advance To Serve Best Ever Result For Their Readers, So They Don't Want Less Valuable And Irrelevant Content 

Let's Take The Example Of BACKLINKO 

If You Into The SEO Industry Then You Might Definitely Know About Him. He Is In The SEO Industry For A Very Long Time. And What Do You Think, How Many Blog Posts Did He Published? 

Just 76 

You Might Wonder How This Even Possible, Yes It Is Possible In His YouTube Video He Clearly Showed His Number Of Blog Post, He Says Rather Than Writing 4 Different Pieces Of Content Under The Same Topic Of 2000 Words, Create An Ultimate Comprehensive Guide Of That Topic Of 8000 Words Which Will Be More Effective And Overall Package For Readers 

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So Focus On A Quality Piece Of Content And One Post A Week Is Not A Bad Thing, Just Try To Maximize Your Side Valuable Stuff To Readers. Make Your Blog Post User Friendly That They Should Get What They Want 

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Choose Long-tail Keywords

A Long-tail Keyword Is The Best Technique To Rank Faster On Google As Compared To A Short-tail Keyboard Which You Can Find With Some Free SEO ToolsThe Short Tail Keyword Has A White Scope. So As A Beginner It Is Too Difficult For You To Rank On The Top Position For That Short Tail Keyword. So It Is Better To Use A Long-tail Keyword To Rank Higher

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For Example 

If You're Writing A Blog Article About Indian Restaurants. Than Just Going For An Indian Restaurant Keyword Will Be Too Tough For You As SEO  difficulty Will Be Much Higher. So You Can Use Long-tail Keywords Like Indian Restaurants For Vegetarians Or You Can Go For The Best Indian Restaurants In Mumbai For Vegetarian, As You Are Clearly Defining Your Exact Keyword Or Your Exact Term, So It Will Be Much Easier To Rank Your Article. 

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Social Media 

If You Started Your Blog And You Want To Get An Initial Amount Of Traffic To Your Website Then How Can You Miss The Social Media? Social Media Is The Best Way To Get Initial Traffic For Your Website So That You Can Build Up An Ordinary Reader Base For Your Blogs. But While Using Social Media, You Have To Promote Your Content Carefully, Or Else Your Account Will Be Banned

Once My Pinterest Account Also Got Banned Due To My Mistakes The Benefit Of Social Media Is That You Just Have Been Active On Some Of The Best Social Media Sites, Which I Highly Recommend Is That.

  1. Pinterest
  2. Twitter 
  3. Facebook 
  4. Linkedin 

In These Four Sites, You Will Get A High Organic Reach As Compared To Other Social Media Sites So That You Can Promote Your Blog Articles Over Here And You Can Get An Enormous Number Of Traffic If You Stay Consistent And If You Spend Time On It 

Build Links 

Building Links Is One Of The Toughest Jobs On The Part Of Blogging. Because Here You Have To Approach Each And Everyone Particularly To Get Links. 

This Makes Link Building Process Harder, While Making Links You Should Keep In Mind That You Should Make Relevant Links Only Rather Than Going For The Quantity.  You Should Make Links Within Your Niche 

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For Example - 

Your Niche Is Related To Plants And Builds A Link Related To Pets Which We Consider Irrelevant Links. Which Will Be No Use For You At All. Most People Say Email Link Building Does Not Work, But It Actually Works. You Just Have To Go Through Their Website And Their Contact Pages And Just Have To Approach Them To Backlink. This Technique Still Works

Guest Posting 

Sometimes Building Backlinks From Email Seems To Be Our Toughest Job. So To Avoid That Difficulty You Can Actually Go For Guest Posting Is The Simplest And Best Way To Build Backlinks For Your Website From Any Reputed Site. You Just Have To Approach Any Website Owner For Guest Posting. 

This Is Not Easy As It Seems Most Of The Website Owner Does Not Allow Guest Posting At All. So You Don't Have To Approach Just One Or Two Peoples You Just Have You Have To Approach The Bulk Amount Of People So That You Will Get A Couple Of Response And You Can Successfully Able To Build Backlinks From Them

Avoid Exact Keyword Stuffing 

Earlier Keyword Stuffing Seems To Be The Easiest Way To Get Ranked On Google But Nowadays Google’s Algorithm Has Changed A Lot And It Has Become Too Advanced. So Now The Keyword Stuffing Counts Under The Spammy Activity For Which You Have To Face The Consequences. The Best Way To Add Keywords To Your Article Is By Using The LSI Keyword. 

If You Don't Know What Is LSI Keyword Is -

LSI Keywords Are The Keyword Which Is Related To Your Main Targeted Keyword. For Example. Best Indian Restaurants Are Your Main Targeted Keyword

Then You Should Add More Related Keywords Like Restaurants In India, Best Restaurants, Indian Restaurants, Etc.

These Keywords Are Not The Exact Keyword Of Your Main Keyword, But This Is The LSI Keyword That Is Related To Your Main Target Keyword. So Google Will Understand What Your Content Is About And Thus It Helps You To Rank Faster On Google. 

The Biggest Mistake Most People Do Is That They Use The Exact Main Targeted Keyword Many Times In Their Articles. Adding Your Main Targeted Keyword In Your Blog Post Regularly Will Come Under Spammy Activity.

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Conclusion - 

Getting Organic Traffic Is Easy, Only If You Have Enough Practice And Know The Right Way. In The Beginning, It Is More Confusing Part Of Being A Blogger Hope You Enjoy The Journey Of Reading, Now It’s Your Turn To Give Feedback 

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