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Earn Money From Pinterest:- Hey, Have You Ever Tried Pinterest As A Money-making Source? I’m Pretty Sure You Might Have Not. Pinterest Is A Goldmine Of Traffic And Here You Can Easily Get Good Traffic. How To Earn Money From Pinterest? Well, Your Answers Are Nicely Explained In This Article. Pinterest, A Social Media Platform Where We Share Pins. There Are Lots Of People Who Post Their Pins On Pinterest And Get Traffic To Their Site. Rajpal Yadav Meme Templates

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Now How To Do That? 

Well, There’s A Strategy For Each And Everything And Hence I Too Have A Super Amazing Strategy For Pinterest. Cheatsheet Of Pinterest Seo Is Provided To You In This Post.

How To Actually Earn Money From Pinterest In 2019?

I’ll Be Providing You Some Easy Secret Ways, Which Will Definitely Help You To Earn Money From Pinterest. Breaking Each And Every Step Into Simplicity Is My Basic Rule, So Before Going Into Depth About This, Let Me Tell You That What All Are The Requirements For Making Money From Pinterest.

What Will You Need To Make Money Via Pinterest? 

If You Have Any One Of These, You Are Good To Go. Here Is The List What You’ll Need To Make Really Good Money:

  1. Website
  2. Social Media Account
  3. Your E-commerce Store
  4. Good Following (Not That Important)
  5. An E-book Or Anything That You Can Sell


Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing

It’s Simple! The Way You Promote Your Affiliate Products, The Same You Have To Do Here. Just Need To Add The Affiliate Link On Your Pin In The ‘add Your Destination Link’ Section. Now, We All Know That It’s Simple To Add An Affiliate Link And Get Leads From There. But How To Do Proper Seo Of Pins That You Create And Rank It On The Laser Targeted Keyword That You Want.

How To Do Seo Of Pins And Rank Them At The Top?

It’s Simple But The Pinterest Algorithm Works Slow. I Have A Good Experience And Hence I Said That The Algorithm Is Slow. But Coming Back To The Point! How To Do Proper Seo?

Proper Seo For Pinterest Pins 

The Image Above Is A Cheat Sheet That Will Exactly Help You To Rank Your Pins On Pinterest. 

Exact Steps To The Pinterest Seo Cheatsheet:

  1. Create A Beautiful And Click-baiting Image From Canva.
  2. Use Hashtags And Keywords In Title And Description.
  3. Add At Least 3-4 Hashtags In Your Description Not More Than That.
  4. Don’t Forget To Add Your Destination Link.
  5. Wait For 3-4 Months And Your Pin Will Rank.
  6. While Doing Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Make Sure You Don’t Directly Add Your Affiliate Landing Page, You Can Add By Link Shortening Websites Like Bitly. In This Way, You Can Also Track Your Pins On Pinterest.

That Was It, For Seo Of Pins On Pinterest. 

Make Money On Pinterest With A Monetised Website

This Is One Of The Common And Most Used Methods. In This Method, You Can Easily Drive Traffic From Pinterest Through Your Pins. But There Are Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Pin Must Be Attractive, Click-baiting And Eye-catching.
  2. Must Be Seo Optimized As Shown In The Above Cheat Sheet.
  3. Don’t Insert Keywords In Your Pins In A Spammy Way, They Must Be Natural.

That Was It For Earning Money With Pinterest Through Websites

Sell Your Products And Make Money. (E-books, Course, Etc.)

Following Your Own Passion For Pinterest And Making Money Is A Great Thing. You Might Be An Expert In Something At Least? So, You Can Create Your Own Products Like An E-book And Sell It Out On Pinterest. It’s Easy! You Can Attract A Lot Of Audience In Your Niche By You Pins And Later On Can Sell That Product To Them. The Process Here Is The Same As I Explained It For Affiliate Marketing.

Build Mail List With Pinterest

This Is An Awesome Way! Yes, There Are Lots Of People On The Web Who Do This. While Half Of The Internet Geeks Think That Building Mail Lists Is An Outdated Method, Whereas They Are Wrong.
Mail List Is One Of The Powerful Things That Can Make A Person Millionaire In One Night If He Has A Laser Target And Niche Related People In His Mail List. Now, It’s Simple! Just Apply The Things That I’ve Explained In The Cheat Sheet And Get Your Pins Ranked And Gradually Your Mail List Will Also Grow Eventually

Earn Money From Pinterest Sponsorships 

This Method Is Quite Amazing, But Here You Need A Good Number Of:

  1. Good Pinterest Followers
  2. Pinterest Monthly Engagements
  3. And 4k+ Monthly Viewers

If You Have All These Criteria Done, Then You Can Easily Get Pinterest Sponsorships. You’ll Automatically See That You’ll Start Getting Sponsorship Emails From Sponsors.

And If Not Then, You’ll Need To Reach Out Sponsors To Sponsorships. And In This Way, You Can Earn Good Money.

Strong Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Account

Copy The Below-listed Ways And You’ll See The Magic In Your Pinterest Analytics:

  1. Follow At Least 200 People Each Day To Get Follow Backs.
  2. Optimize Your Pins, Properly So That You Can Get More Follow Backs.
  3. For Being A Pro-Pinterest Marketer You Can Use This Paid Tool “tailwind”.
  4. Re-pin Others Pin To Your Boards So That You Get A Reach And Good Pinterest Engagements With The People In Your Niche.
That Was It, Now Implement All These Things And Wait For The Magic To Happen. 
This Awesome Post Is Written By Ramesh Devasi, You Guys Can Visit To His Awesome Website Named Caulitech 
Final Words

Comment Your Opinions And Queries Below, So That I Can Help You To Get Out Of That Problem.  Making Money Online. Share This Post, And Let Your Friends Know About Earning Money From Pinterest, ‘sharing Is Caring’. And For More Articles Like This You Guys Can Visit To My Website Daily, Because We Are Providing These Kind Of Content On a Regular Basis

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